AVG is significantly more beneficial than other modern anti-virus programs in terms of creating a defense against viruses and malware. AVG is notably one of the many anti-virus programs that have been created and are in use worldwide.

how to stop avg antivirus pop-ups
how to stop avg antivirus pop-ups

how to stop avg antivirus pop-ups like most people, I am an avid user of AVG, and it has effectively assisted me in securing my computer against malware Microsoft edge, and viruses. So, there isn’t anything to object to. However, the continual popups and notifications that have a popup balloon in the bottom-right corner are quite distracting to me. Do you have a tale like that?

Well. Not to worry. I thoroughly investigated it as a tech nerd and used my computer to find the solution. So, follow my instructions and avg ultimate you can thank me later if you want AVG to run quietly in the background on your computer.

How to Remove Adware Viruses /Ads & pop-ups From Any AVG

Remove Adware Viruses /Ads & pop-ups


AVG provides a number of security tools to track down and identify malicious software or website code. AVG utilizes a Software Analyzer tool with numerous layers of security for that.


It immediately restricts access to any software or website if it detects any strange or suspicious behavior in your system in real-time, protecting the system.

AVG antivirus basically comes in two flavors: AVG Internet Security and AVG AntiVirus FREE, the latter of which is free. Most often, free AVG users experience a deluge of pop-ups and notifications about recent behavior, additional product upgrades, alerts, and cautions.

To disable pop-up notifications in AVG, follow these steps:

  • Activate the AVG free program on your PC.
  • Go to the hamburger-shaped menu icon. Then a dropdown will appear.
  • Visiting Settings. avg-setting
  • From the left pane, select General.
  • Press the Notifications button.
  • Select the Use silent mode checkbox to disable all pop-ups, notifications, and messages.
  • To close the window, click on the Close (x) icon.

Now there are no more pop-ups or notifications. Verify that it functions on your machine. Another AdBlock, equally straightforward method exists for reducing the size of the notifications. From the system tray, you can perform this.

Let’s get started.

The ways to turn off pop-ups in AVG are as follows:

  • Right-click the AVG icon in the system tray.
  • Choose the Open AVG interface to launch the program on your computer.
  • From the window’s top-right corner, select Options.
  • Go to the Advanced Settings page in smart sca.
  • Select Appearance from the menu selections on the left.
  • In the System Tray malware removal Notifications section, uncheck the option next to Display system tray notifications.
  • To complete the process, click Apply and then OK.

To stop these annoying popups, I offer a third solution for you. Here it is:

  • Launch the AVG desktop application.
  • Select the Menu button.
  • Select Settings from the menu. By adjusting the options. avg protection-setting adware antivirus program, you can stop AVG from displaying notifications all the time.
  • To enlarge the section, click Popups.
  • Decide how long notifications and dialog boxes should last. dialog-boxes
  • From the left pane, select Update.
  • If the option to display a notification box whenever an error occurs is ticked, uncheck it.


AVG intends to bring the platform under control with a technology called AVG Web TuneUp. There are numerous browser extensions similar to Web TuneUp. Additionally, they need a lot of rights to function online.


I advise against adding any antivirus extensions to your browser. However, if you discover any installed on your browser, remove them straight immediately. Because it collects a lot of personal information, it decreases your sense of security.

how to stop avg antivirus pop-ups

The following instructions explain how to remove or disable AVG’s browser add-ons:

Within Google Chrome

  • choose Menu. The three vertical dots icon is located in the top-right corner of the browser.

Choosing More Tools

  • Go to Extensions by navigating. The Chrome extensions that have been installed will all be displayed.

Learn about the AVG browser add-on.

  • Turn the extension off. If you want to completely delete it from your browser, click uninstall.
  • Utilizing Mozilla Firefox
  • In the top-right corner, select the hamburger icon.
  • Click More Tools.
  • Select Developers. Developers Extensions
  • Uncheck the box next to AVG Web TuneUp on the list.
  • On the right, click the Remove button.

How To Fix AVG Antivirus That Won’t Uninstall? (Easy Guide)



AVG sends push notifications to its clients, people like you and me, much like other companies with several goods on the market do, informing us of their updated services. It occasionally serves a purpose, but more often than not, it frustrates us and interferes with our daily activities. How do you put a stop to this, then?

Well. To stop receiving promotional communications from AVG, follow these steps:

  • Launch the AVG program.
  • Go to the menu.
  • Visiting Settings. avg-setting
  • From the menu that showed up on the left side, select General.
  • Personal Privacy. Personal privacy is a good option.
  • To receive upgrades or offers for our other products, uncheck the box next to Share app-usage data with AVG.
  • You won’t experience random or pointless promotional offers or notifications any longer.


Essentially, the techniques I described above are easy to execute. You can get rid of this revolting AVG feature with this child’s play. 

I’m hoping you’ve already found a solution to the AVG notification issue. If you haven’t already, follow the instructions carefully from the start, and things will improve without a doubt.




Frequently Asked Questions

Does AVG have a popup blocker?

Your privacy is protected, hazardous ads are avoided, and browsing is sped up with AVG Secure Browser’s blocking of adverts, pop-ups, and web trackers. Automatic HTTPS encryption, phishing attack defense, and a built-in password manager all help to safeguard your data.

How do I stop the AntiVirus pop-up on Windows 10?

By selecting the shield symbol in the taskbar or looking for Security in the start menu, you may access the Windows Security program. Change notification settings can be found by scrolling to the Notifications section. To turn off or on extra notifications, slide the switch to the Off or on position.

How do I disable AVG 2021?

Click the green slider next to Protection is ON in the menu that comes when you right-click the AVG symbol in the Windows taskbar’s notification area. To confirm that you wish to turn off all of AVG’s security, click OK, stop.

How do I get rid of AVG notifications on android?

The AVG AntiVirus notification can be tapped and held. Choose Every Category. Tap the Sticky panel as you scroll down. Sliders in the Sound, Vibration, and Notification light panels can be disabled to turn them from blue (ON) to gray and turn off Floating notifications, Lock screen notifications, and notification light (OFF).

How do I stop random Pop-ups on my computer?

Select Site Settings next to Privacy and Security in the left sidebar. Select Pop-ups and redirects from this page’s Content section. Check to see whether it is set to Automatically block pop-ups or Don’t allow sites to deliver pop-ups.

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