Do you have issues removing your AVG antivirus program? Antivirus removal is not an easy process. Along with the standard removal procedure, you also need to remove the leftover files.

AVG Antivirus That Won't Uninstall
AVG Antivirus That Won’t Uninstall

AVG Antivirus That Won’t Uninstall, it’s occasionally necessary to remove the AVG antivirus program before continuing to upgrade Windows. AVG has two cleansers for its app, including the AVG uninstaller tool and AVG Clear (see our full review of AVG).

However, the AVG removal program might not be able to totally get rid of the AVG. You can try uninstalling the AVG installer and then manually removing the leftover files in addition to utilizing the AVG uninstaller tools.

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AVG Won’t uninstall


There are a number of reasons why you might be unable to remove the AVG program from your computer. It can be the case, for instance, that you are not currently logged in as the system administrator.

Problems Deleting AVG? Here’s How to Remove It for Good

1. Launch the Admin Menu.

2. Put simply, you need to delete a program.

3. I consent to the App’s modifications.

4. Choose to remove it.

5. Choose the option “Yes”

6. Stand by while AVG’s Uninstall Wizard does its thing.

7. Close all programs and restart the computer.

AVG Antivirus That Won’t Uninstall

Additionally, if the AVG program files were improperly installed, problems may arise when attempting to remove them. If the software is corrupt, it could also be a problem if you try to install AVG from your PC.

Whatever the cause, there are always some strategies you can use to resolve the problems. You can utilize several cunning techniques, such as:

Using the Windows 10 Uninstall Program to Remove AVG

Uninstall Program to Remove AVG
Uninstall Program to Remove AVG

1. Access the Control Panel.

First, you should access the control panel. To reach the control panel, enter “control panel” in the search bar and click Open.

2. Remove a Program

When the control panel window appears, pick “Uninstall a program” under the “Programs” heading. You’ll be given a list of every software on your computer. After choosing “AVG Antivirus Free,” click “uninstall.”

3. Permit Changes to Be Made by the App

You will receive a popup box asking you to consent to the AVG app making changes to your device. Select “Yes” under the user account control. This command will enable your system to remove the AVG antivirus from your device, which is currently owned by Avast. If you want to learn more about this choice, click “Show more details.”

4. Click Remove.

Select uninstall from the list of options in the “Configure your AVG installation” dialog. You may update, tweak, or fix your AVG-free antivirus setting using the wizard as well (see also antivirus with VPN).

You can also put the antivirus in passive mode using the wizard. By putting the software in passive mode, you may choose when to manually scan your device, including Chromebooks, and turn off automated protection.

5. Choose “Yes”

When you attempt to uninstall AVG antivirus, a warning appears that this could be the consequence of malware being attacked or attempting to be attacked. The next step is for you to choose whether to carry through the uninstallation.

Since you are the one performing the operation and not malware, you should choose “Yes” to continue with the uninstall of AVG free (click for freer antivirus).

6. Permit AVG Uninstall Wizard to Finish

Permit AVG Uninstall Wizard
Permit AVG Uninstall Wizard

The removal procedure will begin, and the antivirus program will walk you through it. To discover out why you are deleting the program, the AVG business will query you.

The quizzes can be found below the progress bar. You are not have to respond to the questions, though, as they are optional. But you can complete the questionnaire if you’re eager to share your thoughts.

7. Restart the PC

You should save your work and choose “Restart computer” when the removal process is finished. You might select “Restart later” if you were in the middle of performing some important chores.

Check to see if the installation was successful and that AVG is not already installed on your device. You should do this by opening the control panel after using the windows search bar. Select Uninstall Programs from the Control Panel once it has opened. Verify that the AVG software is still included in the list of installed programs.


The Windows add/remove application technique might not work to remove the AVG antivirus. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the first technique will leave some AVG remnants on your device.

You’ll need the AVG clear tool to ensure that you delete AVG firmly and entirely. You can remove any AVG software-related files with the clear tool, including user files, installation files, registry entries (see also “How to Get Rid of Broken Registry Items”).

How to prevent computer virus? ( Easy Steps!)


1. Save the tool

The utility will automatically save under “Downloads” in Windows 10 after you download it.

2. Use the AVG Clean Tool

AVG Clean Tool
AVG Clean Tool

Double-click the AVGclear.exe file after finding it in your download directory to launch the program.

3. Give “User Account Control” permission

A “User account control” dialog box will appear and request your consent. Choose “Yes.”

4. Execute the Tool Outside of Safe Mode

Running the computer in safe mode is not required. If you don’t want the system to restart in safe mode, click “No” in the warning window.

5. Choose Uninstall and don’t make any changes.

Unless you specify custom program folders while installing AVG, you don’t need to make any adjustments. It is advised to click “Uninstall” after keeping the values as they are.

6. Choose “Yes”

An AVG warning box will appear, alerting you of the potential for a malware attack. If you want to proceed with the process, you can choose “Yes,” otherwise, you can choose “No.” Since you are confident that you are performing the AVG internet security removal and not a virus attack, you should choose “Yes” to do so. (See other top internet security products.)

Allow the AVG clear tool to finish the program’s uninstallation and get rid of all the program’s leftover files on your computer. Select done after the procedure is finished, and then restart the gadget. You can reset the computer later if you are working on a crucial task – see antivirus for business. Until the next reboot, some AVG files can stay in their existing position.


Use the AVG uninstaller program if the default AVG uninstalling procedure fails.

Download the AVG Clear Tools and AVG Remover.

Download the AVG Clear Tools
Download the AVG Clear Tools
  • Downloading the AVG clean and AVG removal application should be your first step.
  • Restarting your computer in safe mode is the next step. To do this, pick power from the Windows Start menu by clicking on it. On your device, press and hold the shift key while choosing Restart.
  • When the “Choose an option” window appears, choose “Troubleshoot.” Next, choose “Startup settings” from the advanced settings.
  • After that, select “Restart” to access the window’s options for restarting Windows. By pressing the number key 5 or the function key 5 on your device, select the fifth choice. You will be able to “Enable safe mode with networking” after doing this.
  • By choosing option 4, you can “Enable safe mode” if you don’t want to enable networking. To begin the uninstalling procedure, let the device restart in safe mode. Next, remove the AVG folder from your AVG installation location. Run the AVG clear tools and remove the antivirus by following the instructions.
  • Run the AVG removal tool in safe mode after completing the uninstallation process with the AVG clear utility. To launch the AVG removal application you downloaded in step 1, find it and double-click it. Give the remover permission to run by selecting “Yes” after which you should choose “Continue” in the AVG remover window.
  • The removal tool might indicate that it didn’t detect any AVG products that were still in use. Since you already used the AVG clean tool to eliminate it, this is doable. The uninstaller utility will eliminate all traces of the AVG files if you choose to “Run away.” Lastly, restart your computer.


Use the methods mentioned above to assist you to remove AVG antivirus from your device if you are having problems doing so. The AVG removal tool, which aids in removing any remnants of the AVG security program from your computer, is also one of the techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I not remove AVG from my computer?

There are a number of reasons why you might be unable to remove the AVG program from your computer. It can be the case, for instance, that you are not currently logged in as the system administrator. Additionally, if the AVG program files were improperly installed, problems may arise when attempting to remove them.

Is uninstalling AVG AntiVirus Safe?

If removing AVG Secure Browser from your computer using the Start menu did not succeed or you receive a message saying that the setup is already running, we advise using the AVG Uninstall Tool. While Windows is running in Safe Mode, the AVG Uninstall Tool removes all AVG AntiVirus files from your computer.

Is AVG AntiVirus A virus?

AVG Technologies, a division of Avast, created the antivirus software line known as AVG AntiVirus (formerly known as AVG, an acronym for Anti-Virus Guard). It works with Windows, macOS, and Android.

Is AVG a Russian company?

In 1990, while Czechoslovakia was making the transition from communism to capitalism, AVG was established there. Early in the new millennium, AVG developed abroad and made a number of acquisitions using funds from venture capital investors. In February 2012, AVG debuted on the New York Stock Exchange.


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