In addition to giving users headaches, viruses can cause financial losses since hackers can employ malware to steal users’ login information and browsing history. Although antiviral software is available, most of the time we don’t want to spend a lot of money on it each month.

How Much Does Avast Antivirus Cost
How Much Does Avast Antivirus Cost

How Much Does Avast Antivirus Cost, everything you need to know about Avast Antivirus’ prices and how their free service compares to their premium service is covered on this page. Let’s get started!

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Avast Antivirus Review


Because the pricing information on Avast’s website is unclear, we have broken it down below. The cost of their Mac app was $50.28 when we downloaded it, but this is only for the first year; they didn’t specify by how much the price would rise the following year.

Although most subscriptions to antivirus software begin within a year, we wish that Avast cleanup provided term lengths that were shorter.

While other antivirus software starts at under $3 per month, again, billed annually, Avast cleanup freefalls on the pricey side when compared to competitors, coming in at a minimum of $4.19 per month.

How much does Avast cost a month?

There are a variety of preparations in place, such as Important: This will set you back $185.45 annually, plus $37.09 for each device. The annual premium is $233.75, plus an additional $46.25 for each device. The annual fee for the top tier is $283.85, plus an additional $56.77 for each device.

Avast does provide a version of their antivirus software that is free, but how does it vary from the premium subscriptions if these prices seem a bit excessive to you? We have the 411.

Free vs. Premium:

In essence, the free service detects viruses and spyware, but it doesn’t keep an eye out for ransomware, holes in our Wi-Fi network, or phishing, which is responsible for more than one in five enterprise security breaches.

The free subscription is a respectable choice for one device if you only need basic protection. As you can see in our Avast Antivirus review, we opted for the Premium package if you want more coverage and protection for up to 10 devices.



Avast provides antivirus protection for businesses of all kinds in addition to personal use. As we rely on the information on Avast’s website, please take this section with a grain of salt since we did not personally test these.

Small-Office Security

It will probably be more cost effective to purchase a company subscription to antivirus software rather than purchasing Premium subscriptions for each employee in your office. For one, two, or three years, Avast free offers a license that covers up to ten devices.

How Much Does Avast Antivirus Cost

Small Office Protection protects spyware, ransomware, malware avast free, and viruses for up to 10 devices, just like the Premium membership we purchased. A Wi-Fi inspector, a firewall, and a Web Shield are additional features. The latter two allow you to check whether URLs are secure.

One-Stop Protection

Some companies require a higher level of security, including banks and doctor’s offices that deal with highly sensitive consumer data. If that applies to you, All-In-One Protection might be something to think about.

Avast claims that this service provides six levels of protection instead of one, yet it’s unclear how it varies from their other antivirus products as they all feature behavior-based detection. Now, the website doesn’t explicitly explain what this entails, so we advise speaking with a sales representative before making a purchase.

One-Stop Protection
One-Stop Protection

However, using antivirus software across the board as opposed to only on specific devices is a definite advantage. Additionally, Linux-based devices are protected, which is not true of traditional antivirus software.

Therefore, you might want to think about using Avast one All-In-One Protection as your antivirus program if you handle sensitive customer information or if you want a server or Linux device covered.

Advanced One-Stop Security

The third antiviral option from Avast for enterprises is called CloudCare, and it enables company owners to manage several networks from a single, user-friendly interface.

Although Avast doesn’t provide pricing information for CloudCare, you can view a demo before purchasing to help you make the best choice (and we always advise doing so!).

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Avast provides several digital security options in addition to antivirus protection, ranging from VPNs to secure browsers. Make sure you’re not paying twice for the same services because many of these offerings appear to overlap.

  • Avast free Omni: For $49.99, Avast Omni offers parental controls to help you keep an eye on your children’s Internet activity if you have a lot of smart home gadgets in your house.
  • SecureLineVPN: According to the pricing information on our Avast VPN pricing page, the annual package for this virtual private network costs $59.88 for the protection of five devices or $47.88 for one device. We tested out the Avast SecureLine VPN in our Avast SecureLine VPN review.
  • AntiTrack is a means to get away from the trackers and cookies that follow us online and make it easier for advertisers to target us with their adverts. AntiTrack is not required if you already have a vast VPN installed, though, because avast VPN encrypts both your online traffic and your secret IP address.
  • Secure Browser: Another option for browsing the web privately if VPNs and AntiTrack don’t appeal to you is the Avast Secure Browser, which Avast claims is four times faster because it doesn’t contain advertisements. This is undoubtedly an excellent alternative because, to our surprise, we were able to download, install, and use this browser without having to pay anything. However, take note that it will only safeguard the activity on your browsers and not your entire web browsing. This approach won’t cover apps, therefore it’s not entirely comprehensive.
  • BreachGuard: BreachGuard, a tool typically included in the top identity theft protection avast business services, will search the web for data breaches for your personal information. The first year’s fee is $19.99, however, which only covers one device, making it appear expensive for such a limited service.
  • Cleanup Premium: We’ve all allowed outdated photos, animated gifs, and papers that we haven’t opened in years to accumulate on our computers’ hard drives. If you’re feeling particularly uninspired, you could just face the bullet and clean things up yourself, but Cleanup Premium can search your Mac, PC, or Android device for rubbish and duplicate files for $44.99 a year, or $49.99 for 10 devices. Once more, we believe that these costs are excessive, especially considering what you could accomplish on your own. We do, however, comprehend a lack of drive.
  • Driver Updater: Once more, we haven’t personally tried this out, but according to Avast business, for $39.99 a year, Driver Updater can enhance the performance of your PC by enabling faster speeds, better audio, and generally fewer hiccups with your device. Before purchasing this product in particular, we advise checking internet reviews to see whether it is worthwhile given its somewhat expensive cost. Observing a pattern?
  • Battery Saver: A number of things on PCs, such as an always-on password manager and incompletely downloaded files, can drain your battery. Avast premier8 Battery Saver for PCs costs $29.99 per year. Once more, we believe that this is a steep charge for something that you could easily DIY, such as deleting things from your downloads or turning off your password manager, but again, whatever you want to pay.
  • Family Space: Avast’s iOS and Android apps for this feature, which enables parents to monitor their children’s online activity and track where they are, are finally available. Even while you could already have parental controls and location monitoring if you have a family plan, there is no cost associated with downloading Family Space even if you do.


One of the original antivirus firms, Avast one essential was established in the Czech Republic in 1988. They currently hold the second-largest market share in the global anti-malware industry.

But Avast didn’t go public until 2018, two years after it paid over $1 billion to acquire AVG Technologies. Undoubtedly, this program enjoys widespread trust, but fashion isn’t always correct (for example, low-rise jeans in the nineties).


To put it another way, we discovered some information regarding Avast security that was more than a little concerning.

Avast has been under investigation by the Czech Office for Personal Data Protection4 since Vice revealed that their privacy policy indicated they were selling user data.

The office’s president Ivanu Jan stated that they are currently looking into the case in their most recent statement, which was published in February 2020. As a result of the initial Vice story accusing Avast cleanup premium of selling user data, Jumpshot, their data-collection, and digital intelligence company was preemptively shut down by Avast’s free antivirus.

We’re interested in hearing what the Czech Republic’s personal data protection for mobile security advisors has to say about Avast, and we’ll update this page as new information becomes available.

Favorite Elements

On the plus side, we believe that Avast’s Premium Security bundle was priceless. Of course, not everything about the software was positive, but these aspects stood out to us after evaluating it:

  • Virus scans that are accessible instantly
  • There is a firewall
  • Contrary to signature-based detection, behavior-based detection
  • Scanning for vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks, spoofing, malware, ransomware, spyware, viruses, etc.
  • 98.6 percent of all malware was discovered
  • The free version is offered
  • Acclaimed iOS and Android applications.

Again, if you’re interested in learning more about Avast’s antivirus program, we advise reading our review. However, if you decide it’s not worth the time or money, we also suggest reading about some of the other top antivirus programs now on the market.


Computers are well-protected from viruses and malware thanks to Avast. It offers a full security solution with both free and paid alternatives.

Beyond basic antivirus protection, Avast provides a wide range of capabilities, such as password protection, data shredding, webcam shield, sandbox, and more. In our comprehensive Avast Antivirus review, we’ll take a deeper look at this antivirus program to help you determine if it’s the best option for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Avast cost?

There are 3 ways to subscribe to Avast Internet Security, according to Avast: For one device, a one-year subscription costs $30. It costs $55.00 for a two-year subscription for one device. For one device, a three-year subscription costs $80.00.

How much does the monthly Avast premium cost?

While other antivirus software starts at under $3 per month, again, billed annually, Avast falls on the pricey side when compared to competitors, coming in at a minimum of $4.19 per month.

Does McAfee outperform Avast?

As you can see, both apps achieved excellent protection, functionality, and usability outcomes. Additionally, both McAfee and Avast were able to detect 100% of 0-day malware attacks and avoid false positives, which is greater than the industry standard. When it comes to performance, McAfee is the best.

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