Simply said, this is among the top free antivirus programs. Even the entry-level package is more than capable of protecting the “primary gate,” however you may wish to upgrade to the higher tier to guarantee the security of your device. 

Is AVG Antivirus Safe
Is AVG Antivirus Safe

The majority of users laud it for being simple to use, straightforward, and quick to download. Additionally, it uses a lot fewer resources to operate than some of its more well-known competitors.

Is AVG Antivirus Safe, a continual PC scan avg VPN and real-time updates will ensure that no virus ever gets past. Both novices and antivirus enthusiasts will appreciate the dashboard’s simplicity. With all of this, the AVG free to avg technology version outperforms the majority of entry-level programs. It can be used with Windows, Mac, and Android devices (iOS is not supported yet).

Video: AVG Antivirus Free | Review and Ransomware Test 

Review and Ransomware Test 


Let’s examine AVG tuneup advantages and disadvantages in more detail to determine whether it is the solution you are looking for or just another tempting google chrome offer you will have to turn down. 

Our AVG Antivirus review will show you that it can effectively shield you from any external threats. Additionally, the user interface is quick, user-friendly, and easy to browse.

One of the greatest clients available is the AVG Windows 10 client. However, this antivirus does have certain drawbacks, such as the high cost of commercial packages and the absence of an iOS app.

Is it safe to use AVG Antivirus?

There’s a good reason AVG has become one of the most recognized antivirus brands: it has a malware detection rate of 99.8 percent. To keep your Internet-connected device healthy and secure, you need reliable antivirus software more than ever.


  • This antivirus avg anti received high marks from independent testing organizations for its remarkable performance.
  • Even your child will be able to understand the interface because of how basic it is.
  • Choose from a variety of package features without having to pay for them all.
  • The Windows, Mac, and Android apps are excellent clients.
  • AVG Antivirus can be tailored by users to their preferences.
  • The software is quick, dependable, and “beats” 99% of malware without “melting” your machine in an android device.


  • Only minimal avg secure browser protection is provided by the free version.
  • Sadly, iOS doesn’t support it. However, the Android mobile app is fantastic.
  • The performance scans serve no real purpose.
  • This antivirus is very similar to Avast, and it lost the competition between Avast and AVG.
  • The luxurious tiers are quite pricey.


With twenty years of experience and a spotless reputation, AVG continues to provide prospective customers with very reasonable price tags. 


We’ll examine each bundle in this part so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. Although AVG is not the cheapest solution available, these discounts are nevertheless rather generous given the quality-price ratio: Is AVG Antivirus Safe

  • AVG Free Antivirus. This is the free version of AVG, as you would have guessed from the name (it is completely cost-free). It contains the same fundamental set of functionalities and is also accessible to Mac users.
  • Internet security from AVG. The annual cost of this bundle is $69.99, which is higher than the standard for the sector. However, it does include a strong set of features in Microsoft defender (we’ll discuss them further below) and offers unlimited coverage for Windows-based devices. You can benefit from the free trial and the 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • AVG Premium. You will have to pay $119.99 for the most expensive option, which offers protection for a whole year. In essence, cross-platform compatibility and the TuneUp tool that is part of this suit account for the pricing difference in real-time protection. The lack of a money-back guarantee and a free trial should be noted.



Any antivirus must prioritize security and dependability above all else, and while AVG is not the greatest product available, it does compete favorably with the majority of its counterparts.

Important information: Since lately, AVG and Avast have shared an engine, allowing the two antivirus programs to seamlessly integrate the best features of each.


Malicious software must pass through multiple layers of security before it can reach your device. Before executing any suspicious files that got past the first level of security, AVG runs a thorough scan of them.

By accessing and starting a folder containing our malware samples, we conducted a real-world test. Within seconds, the antivirus blocked 3/4 of those samples, causing Windows to report a “File not found” error. The remaining files that were managed to run were successfully stopped by AVG.

When this antivirus discovers any strange or dubious files or applications on your device, it freezes their “movements” and sends them to HQ for an immediate review (the same routine happens with Avast). Sadly, the examination can occasionally take much longer than the 15 seconds that AVG smart scan claims it will.

AVG blacklisted 91% of all the websites we supplied it in regards to URLs hosting malware, which is one of the major hazards to users today. Bitdefender and Norton both blocked 99%, while McAfee blocked 97%. This antivirus joined the elite in phishing detection testing, detecting 98% of attacks (Kaspersky and McAfee prevented 100%; Bitdefender – 99%).


A green button that is located directly in the center of the main screen allows you to start a rapid scan with just one click. Running through the most exposed parts of your system, is highly effective.


The Deep Scan private internet accessor is what you require, though, if you want something more comprehensive. It takes three clicks rather than one to get there, but once more, this check will delve into the most obscure areas of your OS (which is what you need a good scan to do).

Other scans are also available. The Performance scan is for identifying and resolving system problems; the USB/DVD Scan is excellent at inspecting the removable drives. Additionally, you have the option to schedule future scans and scan only particular files and folders (those include boot time scans).

The fine-tuning possibilities are quite excellent in-app lock, and AVG has a lot to offer that will please control enthusiasts. This antivirus engine enables scheduled scans to examine two files, three folders, and five archives.

The initial quick scan (referred to as the “Computer Scan” above) may take a minute or two, but subsequent checks often just take a few seconds.


One of the most popular contemporary methods of deceiving someone into providing personal information, giving money, or infecting the device with malware is phishing. Emails, social media posts, and phone calls are the primary methods used by phishing scammers.

To force you to provide your sensitive financial information or transmit money directly to them, some people however also design bogus websites that look just like the legitimate ones. These circumstances occur frequently today.


Even in the free edition, AVG Antivirus shields you from some of these threats. One effective tool for identifying harmful files that are merely downloading is provided by AVG. This step is important because they are frequently utilized in phishing attacks.

The screening of suspicious websites and email protection provided by AVG Internet Security or Norton antivirus and the Ultimate antivirus version are even more important safeguards against phishing attacks. Additionally, it offers payment security measures, instantly identifying risky websites, and eliminating spam.


Real-time protection is becoming one of the most essential components of a good antivirus program. Any amount of delay could have disastrous effects. This AVG review is intended to solve one crucial issue: every second counts. Every suspicious file and program is continuous as private internet access is screened by real-time security once they have been downloaded, installed, or launched.

This option is available to you through AVG in all of its packages because it is impossible to disregard this component of security. These security measures also include background operation and routine automatic upgrades, allowing you to carry on with your daily tasks uninterrupted.

Because AVG’s real-time protection is AI-based and constantly learning about new threats, it is even cooler. With AVG’s real-time protection, you may avoid the need to scan any file you intend to utilize. Before your use or whenever you decide to use it, it has already been examined.


It makes sense that not all of AVG antivirus’s features are available for free. AVG offers a wide range of tools for you to choose from based on your demands and budget because it is a comprehensive alternative for diverse lifestyles. The justifications for the added features are here if you need them.

Webcam protection and sensitive data protection are two of our favorite security features. It’s extremely unsettling to consider sharing your webcam with someone. AVG, however, prevents any attempts to access it.

Using Sensitive Data Shield
Using Sensitive Data Shield

You can prevent hackers from accessing any vulnerable information by using Sensitive Data Shield. It manages who has access to your data and which software does so. App locks and anti-theft features are further tools. For specific applications, app locks are accessible, and anti-theft is quite helpful if your device is lost or stolen.

If you frequently forget such information, you can also use the password vault. File Shredder can be more tempting if you’re worried that someone will still be able to access your deleted data. Try Disk Cleaner if you’re concerned about the computer’s performance.


The objective outcome from lab scores is one of the strongest components that illustrate the success or failure of an antivirus. Independent labs frequently provide excellent, trustworthy information to prospective users so they can make well-informed decisions.

The lab ratings of AVG antivirus on the websites of the most reputable testers are explained in our evaluation of AVG. We came to a encouraging conclusion: these top-notch antivirus features are very effective. To be specific, AVG is well-reviewed by AV-Test.

One of the top performers is its Internet Security package, which received scores of 6 for security, 5 for performance, and 5.5 for usability. AVG was ranked third among all antivirus applications in a recent study.

The ability of AVG’s home anti-malware protection is evaluated by SE Labs. Despite not being the first antivirus, this one is nonetheless well-regarded for its accuracy.

According to SE Labs, AVG Antivirus Free Edition has a 98% accuracy rate. AVG scores 100% for Legitimate Accuracy and 94% for Protection Accuracy. It was given AAA, the lab’s top honor.

The reviews for AV-Comparatives are also favorable. For instance, compared to other widely used antivirus programs, AV has relatively few false positives on threats and one of the most modest effects on the device’s performance.

According to the most recent test results on AV-Comparatives, AVG antivirus received the Advanced award, indicating that it performs better than average for the sector. These results demonstrate the stability of AVG.

Finally, this antivirus passed the MRG-Effitas tests with a 2nd-level certification (almost faultless), earning it a spot in the elite top 10. The overall average was 9.4 points.


For years, AVG has been working on this product to make it as quick, dependable, and user-friendly as possible. The present user interface is quite simple and easy to use.


According to statistics, an antivirus’s usability is one of the factors that might make or break it.

AVG is now on pace with Avast, Kaspersky, and other market leaders, although in the past it wasn’t the most user-friendly product available. The installation procedure, the user interface, and performance will be covered in more depth below.


You must first download the installer (7.1MB) from the official website to begin the installation process. Since most of the procedure is automated, all you need to do is click next and choose the installation folder.

Installation typically takes 7 to 10 minutes, which is comparable to the industry leaders. For instance, installing some of the competition (famous brands with millions of users) can take up to 155 minutes, if not longer (Kaspersky is definitely among the slowest ones).

Important information: even if you cannot do anything during installation, be sure to uncheck the box for data collection once it is complete (Menu – General – Privacy).

The user of this antivirus is not required to have an account. After you set up an account, you can easily keep an eye on additional devices that are now protected by AVG.


The user interface is quite fashionable, and it appears that the team responsible for creating it took inspiration from 90s hacker films. 

The primary window has a green circle, which indicates that there is no threat to your device. However, if it turns into a red exclamation point, you should investigate whether a virus is already on your device or whether the system is being attacked.

You may obtain rapid scans by clicking the large “Scan Computer” button at the bottom. Use the Web & Email and Computer icons to customize the antivirus as you see fit. The remaining three menus won’t be accessible if you’re using the free version of the software.

You can modify the current password, manage pop-up windows, establish a so-called “whitelist,” and other options in the Settings menu of the software. AVG is now one of the better options in terms of setting options. You may enter the main menu with a single click and check the current status (protected or in danger) in the Tray.

Overall, AVG is a user-friendly antivirus with a clever UI, a quick engine, and strong configuration options.


Making the most of a device’s resources while not overtaxing it is crucial for any software. Despite their age, even old machines can run this antivirus (not as smoothly as the modern ones, of course).


Multiple real-world tests have shown that the impact on performance is less than 10% (often about 5%), which places AVG on par with industry titans like Bitdefender. However, Kaspersky was only able to slow down the computer by 2.5 percent, which is currently the best outcome.


AVG only offers three packages, but they are more than sufficient to meet the demands of both average users and those seeking the finest security. You can also purchase tools for optimization, driver updates, and even a VPN in addition to the above options.

Overall, the organization has a very versatile offer, and the majority of customers can select the mix that best suits their current requirements.


The basic package is AVG Antivirus Free. Your PC is scanned, automated updates are downloaded, risky email attachments are blocked, and malware is guarded against. It works with both Windows and Mac OS. MacOS 10.10 and later are compatible with the Mac version.

This alternative delivers the ideal principles that satisfy many users without the need for any additional features, which makes it comprehensible why so many people choose it. AVG Antivirus Free does offer real-time security based on ongoing system upgrades. AVG will detect new threats as a result of this action.

This program doesn’t just focus on one area of device security; it also contains scans for viruses, malware, spyware, and performance issues. Identifying potentially harmful apps even before they are downloaded, stops them from installing.

Additionally, it checks email attachments, dubious URLs, and files. An added benefit is that this free edition is still straightforward while not overwhelming the computer with obnoxious pop-ups or buttons.

People who worry that security solutions are too complex have a nice benefit in that the user-friendly interface is perfectly preserved in the free package.

Even with upgrades, the program doesn’t make the entire computer or phone sluggish, thus its main issue is the efficiency it safeguards. For those who require vital protection and dependable support, the free version is appropriate.


You will have complete security features with this package for all of your devices. According to corporate representatives, this plan is the most well-liked by their customers. IS offers you access to a huge array of fresh options in addition to all the basic functions that the free version has.

The AVG developers underline that contemporary malware issues have become personal. The AVG’s accomplishments are much more crucial now that using a webcam or circumventing privacy settings is considerably more widespread.

AVG Internet Security offers greater protection against all threats by incorporating cutting-edge artificial intelligence into a better service. With the aid of Email Shield, it also tries to protect emails and the web. Therefore, it safeguards the user from malware.

Additionally, AVG Internet Security checks Wi-Fi networks. To defend against hacker assaults, use the Enhanced Firewall and Ransomware Protection. The possibility of any data being stolen alongside them is quite remote. You will have complete control over your programs, photos, and passwords.

This bundle offers protection for particular folders or files in addition to the webcam. Even more astonishing, you can choose a file shredder to permanently remove the data. AVG Internet Security enables you to encrypt and hide data if you are worried about access to it and want it to be a high concern. Additionally, this version aids in securing the transaction.

In this instance, it employs two features. Using anti-spam ensures that harmful or bothersome emails do not compromise your email security. The fake websites where you make payments are blocked and identified by Fake Website Shield. The Mac, iOS and Android platforms do not support this package.


This is the top tier, as the name implies. It offers the most complete collection of features and contains everything from the first two packages. According to the website, this edition includes the TuneUp and Internet Security capabilities.

TuneUp makes every effort to make your PC faster. It examines the data to remove useless information, extends battery life, and works wonders as a backup system for both minor and major performance issues.

Because it aims to optimize the potential of both new and old devices, it is helpful for both of them. This top antivirus program comes with a ton of security features that will provide your computer with the best protection available.

AVG Ultimate also offers a Sensitive Data Shield and Device Lock in addition to the tools to further protect your privacy. The first feature also offers a password vault where you may safely save important credentials.

Automatic maintenance further supports real-time protection, which increases its dependability and independence. A disk cleaner included in this software aids in preventing the PC from becoming overloaded with pointless files.

Startup Optimizer, Anti-Theft, Smart Photo Cleaner, and Battery Profiles are other features that make it a wonderful choice. This package, which addresses all security concerns, is appropriate for families and individual use.

Antivirus vs internet security: What’s The Difference? (Answered)


The good news regarding customer support is that there is a fantastic FAQ section on the official website as well as several simple-to-understand movies on the business’ YouTube Channel. Most likely, you’ll be able to resolve everything on your own.

Another choice is to submit a ticket. But we must admit that, in contrast to the majority of competitors in the market, the staff typically takes a long time to consider your query and respond to it.

Furthermore, unless they pay for expert tech help, users are unable to use a live chat feature or make direct calls. That’s correct; with AVG, getting assistance from customer service costs a lot of money.

All of your devices are covered by AVG Premium Tech Support, which also provides toll-free calls (24/7), free consultations, unrestricted access to the company’s technical staff, and virus/malware removal.

You must choose the Complex Fix” plan ($199 annually or $10 monthly + $99 once you join) to get everything. You only get the “Simple Fix” package for $79, nothing else. Please take note that both programs only offer ONE-TIME assistance.

Additionally, AVG is on social media. You can learn more about the problems you have on LinkedIn and YouTube. You should also visit the pages on Twitter and Facebook to contact the support team more quickly.


The free edition of this antivirus is quite good, which is its best feature. Additionally, you can download free trials of the website’s tools and apps as well as the Internet Security bundle.

This is one of your better selections if you’re seeking basic defense. For certain users, Avast Free may be a superior option, but not necessarily for all users.

AVG Internet Security is a little too pricey, and other manufacturers with more reasonable price tags provide the same level of security and adaptability. The advantages include excellent performance, minimal CPU utilization, complete customization, and superior security rankings from outside organizations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is AVG a trustworthy antivirus?

AVG is one of the most reputable names in antivirus for good reason, with a 99.8% malware detection rate. Strong antivirus protection is now more important than ever for the well-being and security of any Internet-connected device.

Can I trust AVG Antivirus Free?

excellent results In tests conducted in 2021, the impartial testing organization AV-Comparatives gave AVG’s antivirus software three stars overall. AVG Antivirus Free received top ratings for both basic security and performance.

Is AVG a Russian company?

In 1990, while Czechoslovakia was making the transition from communism to capitalism, AVG was established there. Early in the new millennium, AVG developed abroad and made several acquisitions using funds from venture capital investors. In February 2012, AVG debuted on the New York Stock Exchange.

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