There is a valid explanation for the term plus in the name Norton AntiVirus Plus. This program does, in fact, offer antivirus protection, but that is hardly its only function. A strong smart firewall hosted online threats backup and a new Software Updater application is added benefits.

Norton AntiVirus Cost
Norton AntiVirus Cost

Norton AntiVirus Cost, it’s an antiviral that works well and received excellent ratings in almost all tests, but as I’ll explain, its pricing is unreasonable. Most consumers should choose one of the Norton 360 suite solutions if they want the Norton Family name on their security.

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Is Norton 360 Deluxe Worth it


Norton Account is more expensive than most antivirus programs, coming in at $59.99 per year for a single license. About $20 less is the average cost for a single standalone antivirus license.

The price point is reached by more than a dozen of the solutions I’ve examined, including antivirus software from Bitdefender, Trend Micro, and Webroot. Many charges $59.99 for three licenses.


You can get unlimited protection with McAfee AntiVirus Plus for just $5 more than the cost of a single Norton license. Every device in your home, whether it runs Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, or even ChromeOS, may be protected with McAfee Total Protection software.

Norton mobile security also does not provide a discount for purchasing multiple licenses of its antivirus software. You need to purchase two separate licenses, each costing roughly $120 if you wish to secure two PCs. The wiser course of action would be to upgrade to Norton 360 Deluxe.

What is the annual cost of Norton?

What is the price of Norton Antivirus? For the first year, prices start at $19.99 for a single device and can reach $99.48 for up to five devices.

You can buy five full suite licenses, five unlimited Nortons VPN licenses, 50GB of hosted online backup, and more for $15 less than two antivirus licenses. Similar principles govern the operation of Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security. To protect one PC or Mac, you can purchase a single antivirus license, or you can upgrade to Trend Micro Internet Security for three licenses that work on both platforms.

I should mention that you can install protection on a Mac using your single Norton AntiVirus license. However, the same circumstance still holds true in that purchasing two licenses of Norton 360 Deluxe for Mac costs more than purchasing five licenses.

You also receive five licenses for Norton Secure VPN with Norton 360. In fact, the sole feature that separates Norton’s macOS solutions is the existence of the VPN.


A Virus Protection Promise and complete technical assistance are included with Norton Antivirus Plus. If you take all the suggested actions and Norton is still unable to eliminate a malware infection, specialists will remotely access your computer and resolve the issue.

Norton AntiVirus Cost

You can request a refund in the odd case that they are unable to resolve the issue. You must make a commitment to keep this pledge. Only those who have chosen automatic renewal are affected. Check Point and McAfee both provide comparable warranties.

This and all other Norton security packages currently available include online backup. You only receive 2GB of online storage with the standalone antivirus, but it may be enough to securely back up your most crucial files.


Your pc cloud backup storage is activated during the installation phase. That’s a wonderful feature because it enables Norton products to automatically begin backing up your most important files.

A total of four Norton account browser extensions are available for installation in your main browser. You’re all set to go following a welcome and an optional tour of the features.


Since I wrote my previous Norton antivirus review, the My Norton app, which allows you to access every aspect of your Norton protection, has undergone some improvements. Like the nature-scene backgrounds in Panda Dome Essential and the rest of the current Panda product line, a hazy outdoor landscape at the left softens the perspective.

There is a link to add more devices to your total protection, but it states that one of your licenses is currently in use. Device Security, Software Updater, Dark Web Monitoring, Cloud Backup, Password Manager, and Parental Controls are listed in the window’s main body as mobile security components. Parental Control and Dark Web Monitoring are not available in this free trial antivirus.

A list of additional apps and services that can be purchased is provided at the bottom. There are nine items in the list when you click to open it, including the LifeLock identity theft protection service, Secure VPN, and Norton Utilities Ultimate.

The device security feature main window, which opens when you click it, should look familiar to Norton devotees. The majority of it is white, with green and black writing and icons.

The state of your security, internet security, backup, performance, and My Norton are all displayed in large displays. Clicking one of these options pulls the panels down to show more options rather than opening a new page. When you select Security, for instance, icons for Scans, Live Update, History, and Advanced appear.


There is a considerable chance that your personal webmail provider filters spam at the server level before you even see it, as does your company’s email operating system. Norton can be useful if you’re one of the select few who still requires a local spam filter.

Antispam is typically provided as part of a security suite, but Norton includes it with their best antivirus software. There is no prominent icon for antispam, so you will have to search. Instead, open Settings and select Antispam.

Norton works with Microsoft Windows, Outlook and filters spam from POP3 email accounts. Spam is immediately moved to the Norton AntiSpam folder in Outlook.

Create a message rule to direct designated spam messages into their own folder if you use another email client. You can either add known spammers to a blacklist or add your correspondents to a whitelist so their mail is never flagged as spam. For those who need it, the system is straightforward.

You also receive Norton Password Manager when you install Norton AntiVirus. Given that Norton Password Manager is available for free, this isn’t really a benefit, but it’s convenient to have it integrated into My Norton.

For further information, read our review of the standalone product. Norton Password Manager, which can sync across all of your Windows PC, Android, and iOS devices, covers fundamental password manager duties like password capture, password replay, and filling out web forms.

Norton works with Microsoft Windows
Norton works with Microsoft Windows

It features an actionable analysis of the strength of passwords and automatic password upgrades for well-known websites. Advanced capabilities, such as safe password sharing, digital inheritance, and multi-factor authentication, are absent, though.

Many apps are set up to run automatically when you turn on the computer, but having them hog system resources while you’re not using them isn’t always necessary.

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These startup programs are listed in Norton’s Startup Manager along with details on resource utilization and popularity within the Norton community. Any program can be temporarily disabled so it doesn’t start at startup or enabled to start after a brief wait.

As you create and delete files, modern Windows versions work in the background to undo disk fragmentation. Norton nonetheless provides a function called Optimize Disk. When you run this component, it first checks the drive for fragmentation and only moves forward with defragmentation if it makes sense to.

Try launching the File Cleanup program if your PC appears sluggish, but don’t expect the comprehensive cleaning you receive with a full-scale tune-up utility. The cleanup component only purges browser and Windows temporary files.


In both our own hands-on tests and independent lab tests, Norton AntiVirus Plus had outstanding results. It also has a wide range of practical features. However, it is pricey and doesn’t provide discounts for homes with numerous computers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Norton Antivirus worth the price?

Is Norton a reliable antivirus solution? The antiviral program we tested, Norton 360, is definitely the best. It provides 100 percent defense against all varieties of malware. Additionally, it provides access to Norton Secure VPN, cloud backup, parental controls, and many other amazing security features.

What is the annual cost of Norton?

These are the normal prices: $59.99 a year for Norton AntiVirus Plus on one PC or Mac. For one PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet, purchase Norton 360 Standard for $84.99. For up to five devices, Norton 360 Deluxe is $104.99 per year.

Do you prefer Norton or McAfee?

If you don’t have time to read the entire comparison between McAfee and Norton, I can tell you that Norton came out on top. It offers better additional security capabilities, such as a VPN, cloud backup, and webcam protection, as well as superior malware protection findings from independent labs.

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