In this post, we will look at “How to Completely Uninstall AVG on Windows 10.” If you do not follow the correct uninstall procedure, AVG may leave a residue. If you are unable to uninstall AVG antivirus, you have come to the right place. I’ve described three methods for uninstalling AVG antivirus.

How To Remove AVG Antivirus Free For Windows 10
How To Remove AVG Antivirus Free For Windows 10

How To Remove AVG Antivirus Free For Windows 10? according to the AVG guide, two methods are recommended and preferred. If avg uninstallation fails repeatedly, the third method can be used. Let’s take a look at each of these three methods one by one.

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Uninstall AVG Anti Virus FREE in Windows 10


This is the recommended first step to uninstall AVG from your Windows 10 machine.

1. Search and open Control Panel

Type “control panel” in the Windows search bar and click open. It will open the control panel window.

2. Open “Uninstall a program”

Select “Uninstall a program” under the Programs section in the Control panel.

3. Select and uninstall the AVG removal tool

In this step, Select “AVG Antivirus Free” from the software list and Select Uninstall as shown in the picture.

4. Allow the AVG app to make changes to your device

Select “Yes” in the user account control dialogue box. In this step, you are giving permission to uninstall AVG antivirus from your system. Select <show more details> to know more about this option.

5. Select uninstall in the “Configure your AVG installation” wizard

You need to select uninstall from the provided options in the “Configure your AVG installation” wizard. The same wizard is also used to Update, Repair, and Modify your free AVG antivirus setup.

Also, You can switch your AVG antivirus to passive mode using this wizard. Switching it to passive mode will turn off your automatic protection and let you decide when to manually scan.

6. Select “Yes” in the AVG uninstallation warning dialogue box

Whenever you try to uninstall AVG free antivirus from your system. It will give you a warning that “it can be an attempt or result of a malware attack”. Select “Yes” to uninstall AVG from your system, because it’s you, not malware, who want to remove it.

7. Relax and let AVG uninstall Wizard complete

Now, AVG will start uninstalling and will show you the progress. AVG company asks you a few questions, just to know the reason for uninstallation. You can find it under the progress bar. You don’t need to answer those as it’s optional. If you want to share feedback, go ahead and fill out that questionnaire.

8. Select “Restart Computer”

Save your work and choose “Restart computer” once AVG uninstallation completes. You can select “Restart later” also if you were in the middle of some important stuff.

9. Check whether AVG antivirus software

To check whether AVG is removed from your system or not. Open “Control Panel” from the windows search bar > Choose “Uninstall a program” > Verify “AVG” should not be part of the software list.


AVG antivirus may refuse to uninstall using Windows add remove the program. Furthermore, removing AVG using method 1 may occasionally leave residue on your machine.


AVG clear tools are required to completely and forcefully remove AVG antivirus. Let’s take a closer look at the steps involved in removing AVG using the “AVG clear” tool.

How To Remove AVG Antivirus Free For Windows 10

  • Install the AVG tool. Click on this link to download the AVG clear tool. By default, this tool will save to the “Download” directory in Windows 10.
  • Use the AVG cleaner tool. Navigate to your downloads directory. AVGclear.exe should be double-clicked.
  • Allow “User Account Control.” In the “User account control” dialogue box, select “Yes” to grant permission.
  • To run this tool without safe mode, select “No.” You do not need to start your computer in Safe Mode. In the safe mode warning box, click “No.”
  • Uncheck the boxes and click Uninstall. You must now leave all values alone. Unless you selected custom program directories during AVG installation, do not make any changes. Choose the “uninstall” option.
  • In the uninstalling AVG warning box, click “Yes.” In the AVG uninstall warning dialog box, select “Yes.” It will alert you to the possibility of a malware attack. But, you know, you’re removing it on purpose.
  • Allow AVG to completely uninstall from your Windows 10 system. At this point, all you need to do is sit back and relax. All residue files on your Windows 10 system will be deleted by the AVG clear tool.
  • Select “Done” and restart your computer. Select Done and restart your computer. After reboot, a few temporary files will be deleted.


If you still can’t uninstall AVG free antivirus and are having trouble getting rid of it. You can alter your approach while adhering to these guidelines.

  • To begin, obtain the AVG clear and AVG remover tools. Using these two buttons, locate and download AVG clear and AVG remover tools.
  • Start your Windows 10 computer in safe mode. Click the Windows Start button > choose Power > then, while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, choose Restart.
  • Select Troubleshoot from the “Choose an option” window.
  • Choose Advanced options.
  • Select Startup options.
  • Choose Restart. Clicking on Restart will take you to the reboot Windows options.
  • Option 5 is “Enable safe mode with networking.” Option 5 must be selected by pressing the number key 5 or the Function key F5 on your keyboard. If you do not want networking enabled, choose option 4 “Enable safe mode.”
  • Delete the AVG folder from the C drive. Navigate to the avg installation directory. By default, it is located in “C:Program Files.” Remove the AVG folder.
  • In safe mode, launch the AVG clear tool. Follow steps ii to viii in Method 2 on “How to Uninstall AVG antivirus” with the AVG clear tool. Continue with the next steps once you have completed the AVG clear steps.
  • In safe mode, launch the AVG remover tool. Locate the AVG remover tool exe file that you downloaded in step 1. It will be in the download directory by default. Run AVG remover.exe by double-clicking it.


I’ve been using AVG antivirus for years, and it’s recently improved significantly. No more annoying popups, for example. Installation and uninstallation are much easier now. I decided to write this post because even good software can behave strangely every now and then.

If the tool is free, a little discomfort should be acceptable. I hope this tutorial on How to Uninstall AVG has alleviated all of your concerns. If you continue to have problems, please leave a comment and let me know. I will assist you to the best of my ability.


Questions and Answers

Is downloading AVG Free AntiVirus safe?

Independent testing shows that AVG AntiVirus Free performs well, and PC users are pleased with it. If you want to use an antivirus program to improve the security of your PC, AVG AntiVirus Free is a great option.

Does AVG cause computer slowdown?

AVG is a resource hog. I had it installed, and it slows down your PC despite the fact that it installs a slew of add-ons. It replaces your default search engine with a subpar one and acts more like adware than a legitimate program. If your PC has limited hardware resources, the effect on performance is even worse.

What exactly is AVG, and why is it installed on my computer?

AVG AntiVirus FREE detects and removes rootkits, detects spyware, and provides advanced ransomware protection for your important files. AVG Internet Security also includes webcam protection, a firewall to protect your network and tools to help you avoid being hacked.

Is AVG a Russian firm?

AVG was founded in Czechoslovakia in 1990, during the country’s transition from communism to capitalism. AVG expanded internationally in the early 2000s, using money from venture capital investments to fund a series of acquisitions.

What is the duration of avg free?

AVG AntiVirus has an expiration date; the program you install will work for a year after which you may need to reinstall AVG AntiVirus on your computer. This is done so that all free users install the most recent version of the AVG AntiVirus program on a regular basis.

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